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01. As Def As I Am
02. Streets Gon Love Me
03. Back in the Days (Feat. Pimpin Whitefolks)
04. Why U Hate The Dade
05. What A Job
06. Smoke Circles (Feat. Bliss. Dot One)
07. Cocaine Cowboys
08. Keys To A Lex (Feat. J. Walker)
09. Talk To Me Girl
10. SwampNuts
11. State Property (Feat. Pimpin Whitefolks)
12. U Came Around (Feat. Pimpin Whitefolks)
13. Hoodboy (Feat. J. Walker)
14. U Got That (Feat. Pimpin Whitefolks and Ahmad)
15. Kill A Rapper
16. Magic of Traffic
17. Look Pal
18. Da Days NJ
19. Do Da Damn Thang
20. Nothing New
21. Hunger