Myu Lansky was chosen to be on the cover of the 10th Edition of the Indie Bible. Thanks to everyone to put together the book. the information in it is invaluable to musicians.

This is a movement...a mastermind movement! There were a bunch of shows in 2008 and MYU made some noise around Miami with his incredible lyricism. 2009 poses to be an even better year for Myu with several projects on the horizon. Be on the look out for "Wise Talk" the youtube video featuring Myu and Lawless. In the age of unemplyment rates rising for the average American and bailouts for corporations that do nothing for the people, it is time for the people to unite. Obama gave us hope but it is up to us to take action and not stand for the bullshit!!!

There is alot changing right now in hip hop music and MYU is right at the front of the pack. This is music all about having emotion. Be moved to emotion whatever emotion that may be. Get fired up, get excited, get turned on, get pissed, get sad, get happy, get MYU!!!!

Miami Myu Lansky is deep in Florida to lay low and change the world one listener at a time. The world is full of Satans hatin' but they are nameless. This is the movement. One Nation of hip hop undivided. Show mad love to everyone doing this and trying to inspire others to change both their situations and those of people around them. Peace to the graf writers, the DJs, the breakers, the producers, engineers, street team marketers and most of all to the fans that come out to hear what our generation has to say. We are the voice of a generation like it or not. Get on board or get tied to the tracks!!!

Downtown Miami is starting to bubble for authentic, artistic, live music. That area is the come up. Miami is cutting edge in lifestyle and the live music scene is there as well, so make sure to go out to shows and see the amazing talent the Magic City has to offer!! Each and every show is dedicated to the fans that come out to support. Without the fans there would be no reason to manifest such a destiny. Oh, by the way, when it's game time throw on your jerseys.

This is history in the making!!!


Myu is the epitome of lyricism. He is originally from central New Jersey but moved out to Arizona to pursue his education. Eventually, Myu landed in Miami, the Magic City. His debut mixtape "Hurricane Season" was slept on, but has now become recognized as a lyrical classic. True hip hop purists have been blessed Myu's satirical, dark humor for over a decade. Myu has teamed up with artists such as Vague, Pimpin' Whitefolks, Campaign, J Walker, Cozmek, RoccStar Productions, Bliss, Lawless, Pete Wonder and many others.

Myu has been spitting raw lyrics for a hot minute now and is a seasoned MC rocking shows from coast to coast. Myu is a venture capitalist in the game of life as comfortable on the corner as in the corner office. Myu spits with the veracity and clarity that only he can do. Sit back, relax and enjoy the words that he combines to make masterpieces of mutlisyllabic syntax. Trust the kid, its going doooooowwwwnnnn like interest rates and prices of real estate. Myu Lansky on the rise like his portfolio and profits for Exxon-Mobile (thanks institutional investors).

Wait on that Aegis album, the Stating Claims and Claiming Statements Mixtape, the New York 2 M.I.A. and various other projects.